Simple pH/Hb Measurement Kit “Check Your Mouth!"




Significance of measurement

This kit shows the pH and hemoglobin levels in the oral cavity.
Generally, the pH in the oral cavity drops after eating and returns to neutral in about an hour because of the buffer effect of saliva. However, it is reported that tooth decay is likely to occur if the oral cavity becomes acidic for a longer time due to snacks or weakened buffering capacity of saliva. Hemoglobin is a protein that carries oxygen contained in red blood cells in the blood, and detection of this indicates bleeding in the oral cavity. Hemoglobin is detected in saliva when gum bleeding occurs due to periodontal disease or oral mucositis.
Detection of pH and hemoglobin is one indicator to know the oral environment. A good oral environment is expected to help people stay healthy.

Product Specifications


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For research use (oral hygiene; learning/research/research of oral frailty)

Simple pH/Hb Measurement Kit “Check Your Mouth!"


pH (acidity), Hb (hemoglobin)

Test paper


30-60 seconds



Kit contents

Test paper: 1 sheet


Cotton swab for saliva collection: 1 piece

Instruction manual (simplified manual): 1 sheet

Measurement method

Please be sure to read the instruction manual prior to use.

Step 1


Remove the kit from the bag.

Fold up the ★ mark places (5 places)

Step 1


Put the cotton swab into your mouth and soak it in saliva.

Place the cotton swab along the frame of the test paper.

Step 1


Close the hippo's mouth along the dotted line on the mount. Press it several times at the position of the finger mark on the back to soak the test paper with saliva.

Step 1


Open the hippo's mouth and remove the cotton swab. Judgment is made by comparing the color of the test paper with the standard color  table within 30 to 60 seconds.

Measurement results are available in 3 minutes (three-grade evaluation).

【Please check before purchasing.】

   This product is for research use. Do not use for diagnostic or therapeutic purposes.

   Please follow the instructions in the supplied manual. We cannot guarantee the reliability of the measured       values ​​for use other than the stated usage and purpose.

Testing examples

It is used for educational activities on oral hygiene in organizations and local government events.

Oral education and enlightenment in the Kyoto University COI Stream Program


Oral education and enlightenment, Body Support Class“ for frail prevention in Nikaho City



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2.)Yoshiaki Nomura et al, 2018 Mar "Salivary Levels of Hemoglobin for Screening Periodontal Disease: A Systematic Review". Int J Dent. 2018:2541204. doi: 10.1155/2018/2541204



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