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Company Profile


Company Name

Cellspect Co., Ltd.

April 18, 2014


Board members

President and CEO

Executive Directo

Outside Director


Outside Director




Takuya Iwabuchi

Kazuhiro Koide 

Keiji Katano(President of Icomes Lab Co., Ltd.)

Kinichiro Kominami (President of Tech & FinStrategy, Inc.)

Mieko Mio(Lawyer)

Hiroshi Akasaka

​Head office
   〒 020-0857

   2-4-23, Kitaiioka, Morioka-shi, Iwate, Japan

   TEL: 019-681-6710 FAX: 019-903-0418



License No. for type 2 medical device manufacturing & marketing business: 03B2X10003
Registration No. for medical device manufacturer: 03BZ200026
License No. for selling and leasing operations for specially-controlled medical devices: Morioka city No. 607
License No. for marketing and manufacturing of in-vitro diagnostics: 03E1X00001
Registration No. for manufacturing of in-vitro diagnostics: 03EZ200004
License No. for pharmaceuticals wholesale distribution: Iwate prefectural No. 273
Registration No. for clinical laboratory: Morioka city No. 35


Akita healthtech  site

   Sanuki 4-21, Arayamachi, Akita-shi, Akita, Japan

   Akita industrial technology center- advanced 

   technology research building

1,291,202,500 JPY (capital reserve included)


40名 (as of April 1, 2023)


Major Shareholder

Mizuho Capital Co., Ltd. 
Iwagin Business Creation Capital Co., Ltd.
Mitsubishi UFJ Capital Co., Ltd. 
Yakuodo Co., Ltd. 
Abdul Latif Jameel Co. Ltd.               etc.

Main bank

Tohoku Bank, Ltd. / The Bank of Iwate, Ltd. / 
Japan Finance Corporation / Kita-Nippon Bank, Ltd.





Collaboration between government, industry and academia

Kyoto University/Nara Medical University/Akita University Graduate School of Medicine/Kyoto College of Nursing/Hokkaido University Graduate School of Engineering/Kansai University/Kagawa Medical University/Saitama Medical University/ Kobe University /

Shimane University / Saga University /

Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA)/Akita Industrial Technology Center

Guide Map

​Head Office


2-4-23, Kitaiioka, Morioka-shi, Iwate, Japan

If you are coming by car
 Approximately 15 minutes by car from Morioka Station. Take the Morioka Nishi Bypass, then drive 1.3 km south from the Kumado intersection.

Akita Healthtech Site


4-1, Naka-machi, Higashi-douri Akita-shi, Akita, Japan

Akita community-based center AlVE 6F

If you are coming on foot or by car

   3 minutes on foot from JR Akita Station.

   5 minutes by car from Akita Central I.C. of the Akita Expressway.


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