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Sample testing service

Clinical laborator


PCR Test for novel coronavirus (COVID-19)

In response to the rapid increase of infected people, we provide consultation for emergency tests
・Self-paid test (for families, companies, organizations, groups, medical institutions, etc.)
・Publicly funded test (administrative and local government organizations, etc.)

Cellspect Co., Ltd., clinical laborator

TEL :019-681-2099


・This is a commissioned test service for novel coronavirus by a registered clinical laboratory of Cellspect Co., Ltd.
・Customers who purchases this PCR test service area free pack can collect saliva at home by this kit and send it by Yu-Pack. The test results (an electronic file) will be available within 2 business days after the sample arrives.

​※Please be sure to read the instruction manual and video before use.


Instruction manual




​※ ​Move to the official distributor page


Test sample: Saliva

Storage:       0 - 30 ℃

Kit contents:   Instruction manual

                       Test service application form

                      Sampling container


                      Zipper bag

                      Secure bag 

                      Inactivated reagent

                      shipping label

                      security sticker










How to use


Notes before purchasing this test service / product

Please check all the things below before purchasing.

We do not accept returns after opening. Please read and understand all of the following precautions before purchasing or using the product.


<Service contents>


Application for test service

This is a PCR test service for novel coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2). After purchasing this product, you can collect "saliva" by yourself and ship it at a post office (the shipping fee is paid at customer's expense). We are not open on Saturdays, Sundays and national holidays, so please make sure the sample arrives on business days.


How to get test results

The test results will be available online within 2 business days after the sample arrives at the laboratory. If you choose to get the report by post, it will be shipped within 3 business days after the sample arrives.

To check the result report online, you need a smartphone, PC, etc. that can connect to the internet.


Service provision period

For the service provision period, please check the product sales site or contact us (TEL: 019-681-2099).


<About issuing of test report>

The report issued by this test service is the "PCR test result report". It is not a doctor's medical certificate ( certificate of non-infection or negative COVID-19 test for traveling abroad). Please be sure to check the certificate you needed.


<Management of test accuracy>


Testing agency

The PCR test in this service is conducted at Cellspect Co., Ltd., clinical laboratory (Morioka city registration No. 35), which meets the facility standards and testing system stipulated by the 'Regulation for Enforcement of the Act on Clinical Laboratory Technicians' and is recognized by prefectural governors.


Test method

This test service determines whether the viral nucleic acid is positive or negative by PCR assay. The test is conducted in accordance with the "Guidelines for Testing of Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pathogens (Version 3.1) " recommended by the National Institute of Infectious Diseases, Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare.


Conveyance method

We refer to the "Sampling and Transport Manual for Patients with Suspected 2019 nCoV (novel coronavirus) Infection (updated on July 17, 2020)".


Quality control management at laboratories

We have appointed a person in charge of quality control at our laboratory and carries out the following quality control.

(1)Participation of external quality control survey (Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare) and received inspection

(2)Implementation of internal quality control for each test routine

(3)Implementation of quality management (management records, standard operation manuals, diaries, etc.)


Scope of responsibility for the services provided at the laboratory

This laboratory is responsible for the operation of the laboratory and the execution of tests in accordance with the laws, and is not responsible for the results of the tests obtained or the impact on customers caused by this service.


Sharing of test results (including personal information) with public organizations

The test results and personal information may be provided to the government or local government's infectious disease control department for public cooperation for infectious disease control. Please give your prior consent. For details, see "To users of self-paid PCR test service" below.


<Precautions for using the service>

・The test results are related to the infection status at the time of the test. Even if the test result is negative, there is a possibility of false negative due to the time of infection and the possibility of infection  after the test. Please continue to take possible measures to prevent infection.

・Please be aware that false-positive and false-negative results may occur.

・ If you have symptoms such as fever or cough, please consult the official consultation desk (call center) published by government agencies or local governments.

Please be sure to check before purchasing

<To those who use the self-paid PCR test service (this service)>

In this service, we handle personal information in accordance with “Information to be provided by laboratories that carry out self-paid tests for novel coronavirus” and “Precautions for test takers and test laboratories” published by Novel Coronavirus Response Headquarter, Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare. When the test result is "positive" by using this test service, the test taker need to take the following measures in accordance with the policy of Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare.


We will introduce consultation counters and public consultation service by local governments and government agencies.

(Examples: Prefectural Coronavirus Consultation Service Call Center, Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare Coronavirus Telephone Consultation Service, and other official consultation services, etc.)


We provide test result information (including personal information) and samples to government agencies, local governments, public health centers and other infectious disease control authorities. Please note that in some cases, there will be an instruction from the above related organizations to re-examine at public expense.


We will not provide or share personal information with anyone other than the relevant public agency. We will handle it under the strict control of the Personal Information Protection Law.


If you do not agree to the above, you cannot use this service.

In addition, please understand that once you purchase this product (PCR test service area free pack) or apply for test service, we will provide test service as if you agreed to the above policy.

Product inquiry
Business hours: Weekdays 9: 00 -17: 00 (excluding Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays)

※We cannot offer any support other than the utilization and research of this product.  We cannot provide support for the accidental consequences of research activities (such as detection of antibodies suspected of being infected), please consult your local government or agencies.

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