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・Made in Japan

・All necessary reagents are included in the kit.

・Measurement time is only 30~60 minutes.

Main Specifications

Measurement method: indicator paper

Measurement item: pH (acidity), Hb (hemoglobin)

Sample: Saliva

Measurement time: 30~60 seconds

Storage method: 4℃~30℃


Instruction manual

※ Please check the instruction manual for details.

Kit Contents

1.Test paper mount *1

2. Cotton swab for saliva sampling*1(+1 spare)

3.Instruction manual *1



Test protocol


Take the kit out of the bag and put a cotton swab in your mouth and wet it with saliva.

Hold the paper mount and place the cotton swab in the frame of the mount.

Fold the paper mount along the dotted line. Place the cotton swab on the paper and press it with your fingers several times to soak the test paper with saliva.

Open the paper mount and remove the cotton swab. Compare the color tone of the reaction area with the color sample and judge it within 30 to 60 seconds.

Other precautions

<Notes on the product>

  • This product is not an in-vitro diagnostic product. Do not use for preventive, diagnostic, or therapeutic purposes.・

  • Be sure to read the instruction manual before use.

  • Keep the product out of the reach of children.

  • Store the product at 4 ~ 30 °C away from direct sunlight, high temperature and humidity.

  • Do not use products that have expired.

  • Measurement results obtained using this product are not completely guaranteed.

  • This product is to be used at the user's risk, and our company is not responsible for any damage caused by the results obtained.

  • Please dispose of this product as combustible material according to the disposal method of each local government.

<Precautions for use>

  • Avoid collecting saliva within 30 minutes after eating or drinking.

  • Use the product within 30 minutes after opening.

  • Be careful not to touch the reaction area. In case of contact, wash your hands thoroughly with soap.

  • After completing the measurement, wash your hands thoroughly with soap.

  • Do not put the cotton swab in your mouth after touching the reaction area.  In the unlikely event that this product is laced in your mouth, please gargle thoroughly.

  • If the standing time exceeds 60 seconds, the results displayed in the reaction area may change.

  • Beware of accidental ingestion.

  • If any abnormalities are observed, please consult a doctor.


1.) Masamitsu Kanai, Kanai's manual of clinical laboratory medicine, 34th edition, 633(2015).

2.) Nobuhiro Hanada, ​Research on saliva test standardization, 8020 Promotion Foundation Designated Research Project Report

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