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“Window for testing™” is a general term for non-medical testing services provided by Cellspect Co., Ltd. Health Test Center (Morioka city No. 35). This service is intended for use in non-medical awareness surveys and self-examinations, and cannot be used for prevention, diagnosis, or treatment purposes. Our policy is to operate the sample measuring room related to this service in accordance with the guidelines of "Public Comments to Eliminate Gray Zones" released on April 30, 2021.


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Our pharmacists, clinical laboratory technicians, nurses, and analysts provide the "latest information" and "learning topics" in an easy-to-understand manner.

The importance of health management, for yourself, your family, and the society

What you need to know to manage your health

How to manage your own health

Keep track of your health status

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At a pharmacy near your neighborhood or workplace. As an on-the-job training site for employees.

Sample measuring room

Experience not only classroom learning but also self-examination of blood biochemistry items related to lifestyle-related diseases using the latest in vitro diagnostics through workshops


Nikaho City Sports/Recreation Festival in 2022 (Health Project)


2023 J2 Section 12

Blaublitz Akita Home Game


Conducted at major drug stores

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We provide educational events for recommending dental checkups based on universal dental checkups.


Dental checkup awareness event

In 2023, the government's broad policy indicated the expansion of the coverage of national dental checkups. At present, the dental checkups rate in our country is said to be less than 10%, which is less than 10% compared to the international countries. Our company is working with local governments to promote awareness of our country target of 75% dental check-up rate.

Easy to check with saliva! We offer an easy oral check. We use a simple screening test kit for research purposes, which is intended for use in universal dental checkups. We also encourage participants to undergo dental checkups and conduct awareness surveys regarding the oral environment.


2022 J2 Section 21

Blaublitz Akita home game store opening

(Yakuodo/Cellspect Finals)


Available every day at major drugstores!

Cumulative total of over 40,000 people!

2022 Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare Dental Health

Examination Promotion Project


Kashiwabara City


2nd Lohas Park Osaka Kashiwara in Yamato River Riverbed Green Park


Tendo City


The Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare Dental Health Examination Promotion Project (Yamagata Health Fair 2022)


Shimada City


The Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare Dental Health Examination Promotion Project (Shimada City Fluoride Coating Project)

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Click here for inquiries regarding dental

awareness projects

First of all, have a consultation

[Other Services]

・ Health promotion test events to increase healthy life expectancy and raise awareness of frailty

・ Objective mental health care for the production generation

・ Rapid medical supply system to rural areas in the event of an infectious disease

Mental health check

Under psychological stress, a biomarker called "biopyrrin" is detected in the urine. In addition to psychiatric disorders such as schizophrenia and depression, it has recently been reported to be associated with ARMS. It has been reported that "biopyrrins" increase in daily life, including work with tension, speech stress, sleep deprivation, and dementia. Through joint research with Tokyo Medical and Dental University Institute for Intractable Diseases, Shimane University Faculty of Medicine, Kagawa Prefectural University of Health and Medical Sciences, and Kyoto University COI Center, we have achieved the world's first practical application of a test marker that can quantify psychological and social stress.

Continue to improve your health will bring out its value.

Learn about the ripple effects on yourself and the society by continuing to do so.

Get a nudge to continue

The way to manage your own health

Provide tools to continue

You can rest assured with compensation in case of emergency.

Users of "Window for testing™" can be insured with small-amount and  short-term compensation such as illness, advanced medical care, infectious disease rider, traffic injury , etc. in the event of an emergency.

Medical Assist allows you to feel at ease even if you feel anxious and can consult with a professional medical professional.


Guidance to the nearest specialized medical institution.

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