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Sample testing service

Clinical laborator



・This is a commissioned test service for Helicobacter pylori (anti-Helicobacter pylori antibody) by a registered clinical laboratory.

・This service is not available for those who are under treatment for menstruation, dialysis, kidney failure, stomach or digestive system treatment. 

・This service cannot be used as a confirmation after sterilization of Helicobacter pylori. (If you have any concerns, please consult your doctor before taking the test.)

・This is an antibody test, so you may get positive results for about half a year after sterilization.


Test sample:   Urine

Storage:         Store in a cool, dry place

Kit contents:   Instruction manual

                     Test service application form

                     Shipping label 

                     Foam box

                     Urine collection container 

                     Ice pack


                     Zipper bag

                     Cushioning material











Intended use

This is a commissioned test service for Helicobacter pylori (anti-Helicobacter pylori antibody) by a registered clinical laboratory of Cellspect Co., Ltd.

* Please be sure to read the instruction manual and video before use.


Instruction manual

▼ Customers with e-commerce payment


​※ ​Move to the official distributor page

How to use


​Urine collection

at home

Bring the sample to a designated Yakuodo store or ship it at a

Yu-Pack handling post office

Test at our

clinical laboratory

Get results within

2 business days

※Results can be mailed

※Please check the e-commerce site for the designated sample collection stores, day and time

How to collect and apply


※The pictures are sample images

Test results


Notes before purchasing this test service / product

Please check all the things below before purchasing.

We do not accept returns after opening. Please read and understand all of the following precautions before purchasing or using the product.

<service contents>

Application for test service

This is a genital chlamydia test service. After purchasing this product, you can collect “urine" by yourself, bring it to a designated store of Yakuodo or shipping it at the post office (the shipping fee is paid at customer's expense). We are not open on Saturdays, Sundays and national holidays, so please make sure the sample arrives on business days.


How to get test results

The test results will be available online within 2 business days after the sample arrives at the laboratory. If you choose to get the report by post, it will be shipped within 3 business days after the sample arrives.

To check the result report online, you need a smartphone, PC, etc. that can connect to the internet.

Service provision period

For the service provision period, please check the product sales site or contact us (TEL: 019-681-2099).


<About issuing of test report>

The report issued by this test service is the "Genital Chlamydia Test Result Report". It is not a doctor's medical certificate (non-infection certificate). Please be sure to check the certificate you needed.


<Management of test accuracy>

Inspection agency


The genital chlamydia test in this service is conducted at Cellspect Co., Ltd., clinical laboratory (Morioka city registration No. 35), which meets the facility standards and testing system stipulated by the 'Regulation for Enforcement of the Act on Clinical Laboratory Technicians' and is recognized by prefectural governors. 


Quality control management at laboratories

We have appointed a person in charge of quality control at our laboratory and carries out the following quality control.

(1)Participation of external quality control survey (Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare) and received inspection

(2)Implementation of internal quality control for each test routine

(3)Implementation of quality management (management records, standard operation manuals, diaries, etc.)


Scope of responsibility for the services provided at the laboratory

This laboratory is responsible for the operation of the laboratory and the execution of tests in accordance with the laws, and is not responsible for the results of the tests obtained or the impact on customers caused by this service.

<Precautions for using the service>

・The report of test results is not a medical certificate of a doctor.

・The test results are related to the infection status at the time of the test. Even if the test result is negative, there is a possibility of false negative due to the time of infection and the possibility of infection  after the test. Please continue to take possible measures to prevent infection.

・Please be aware that false-positive and false-negative results may occur.

Product inquiry

Cellspect Co., Ltd., clinical laboratory TEL:019-681-2099

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