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・Made in Japan
・Semi-quantitative measurement of antibody titer is possible by combining with "QuaResearch COVID-19 IgG       LF" stick
・A variety of measurements can be made by combining various test sticks.
     Other test stick lineup
    → 7 health check items (blood sugar, lipids, liver function), stress items (urinary bioppyrin)

・Small! lightweight ! POCT type
・ Measuring time is only 10 seconds! (Five samples measured in just one minute!)
・ Measurement data (image, measurement result) can be saved

Main specifications of the products

Measurement principle:    color signal of the measured area is digitalized by high-resolution CMOS sensor.
                                   Quantitative measurement is enabled with a unique image processing algorithm.
Configuration:    Device + Windows tablet
External dimensions of device body:    200 (W) x 140 (D) x 125 (H)
Device weight:    1.5 kg
Power consumption:    Lighting 9V 2.4W (Max)
Measurement time:    Approximately 10 seconds per measurement


(1) Push and pull out the tray.


(2) Set the test stick in the designated place.


(3) Press the measure button to display the results.


(4)Push the tray and pull it toward you to remove the test stick.


Example of measurement results when using the "QuaResearch COVID -19 IgG LF" kit.


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-By combining with Quo Research COVID-19 IgG LF Kit, semi-quantitative measurement of antibody titer is possible.

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