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What is biopyrrin

Studies have shown that the production of active oxygen in the body is involved in the development of mental disorders triggered by psychological stress. When the amount of active oxygen increases in the body, a substance called “biopyrrin” increases accordingly in the urine. Biopyrrin has been reported to increase significantly under extreme psychological stress and/or with mental disorders.1-6 In May 2021, researchers (Wake, Miyaoka, Oh-Nishi et al.) from Shimane University School of Medicine discovered that the level of urinary biopyrrin starts to increase in patients with at-risk mental state (ARMS), a condition that existed prior to the onset of mental disorder.

The biopyrrin test is drawing attention as the world's first test method that can quantify the psychological stress that leads to mental disorders.7

Important of stress care

Stress causes not only mental disorder but also various symptoms such as hypertension.  Stress could be attenuated by reviewing daily life (preventing overwork, getting enough sleep and so on). However, it is difficult to be aware of it by yourself whether or not you are under stress and therefore, it is not easy to improve your life by behavioral changing.  Urinary biopyrrin test is easy and suitable for frequent test and measurement, because a urine sample is used which can be easily collected anywhere.

Specifications of the product

●Product name : 


KOMPASU Check Biopyrrin Test Service Pack

Check the urinary biopyrrin level and provide the report of test results. ARMS (at risk mental state) levels based on the scientific information are provided, and can be compared with your test values to know the risk of developing mental illness.


●Test Items :  

Urine (self-collection)

Urinary biopyrrin (urinary creatinine is also measured to calibrate the concentration of urine.)

●Shop Price:

●E-commerce Price: 

3,500 JPY (excluding tax)   3,850 JPY (including tax)

Includes sample shipping cost

4,000 JPY (excluding tax)   4,400 JPY (including tax)

Intended use

This service is commissioned for urinary biopyrrin testing by Cellspect Co., Ltd., registered Clinical Laboratory (Morioka City, No. 35).  However, this service package is not for medical purposes.

※ Please contact us for medical institutions who would like to receive information on this product.

* Please be sure to read the instruction manual and video before use.


Instruction manual



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How to use


​Urine collection

at home

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Get results within

2 business days

※Results can be mailed

※Please check the e-commerce site or instruction manual

Sakes area

Iwate Prefecture (74 stores), Miyagi Prefecture (11 stores), Aomori Prefecture (6 stores), Akita Prefecture (13 stores) and e-commerce site

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Reference information



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