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Novel coronavirus disease, COVID-19

To fight against the global health threats posed by COVID-19, stable distribution of materials (analysis tools, inspection tools, etc.) for diagnostic and treatment research is in urgent need. Virus detection can be broadly divided into two approaches: one is to detect the virus itself, such as PCR method, and the other is to detect the immune response that develops during infection (IgG, IgM, IgA). 


The former is already being used stably in Japan, but the latter has not been able to achieve sufficient domestic distribution to meet demand. Therefore, the present situation is an obstacle to the promotion of immunological clinical research in the infection stage.

COVID-19-related Information: (updated anytime)

Measures and items against COVID-19

Cellspect Co., Ltd. has developed research ELISA kits for detecting IgM and IgG antibodies produced in the body when infected with the novel coronavirus.

In common infections, IgM is an antibody produced early in the infection and disappears with relief of symptoms. IgG begins to be produced later than IgM and continues to be produced for months after healing. This is known to reduce the symptoms of the next infection or to prevent the onset of the next infection. Based on these characteristics, it is expected that detecting IgM and IgG will help to determine the presence of infection and the progress of infection. Several studies have been reported on the immune responses to COVID -19. 


The ELISA developed by Wanbing et al. measured IgM and IgG against viruses showed a positive predictive value of 80% or higher . Juanjuan et al. monitored antibody production over time in patients with COVID -19 and reported elevated IgM 12 days and IgG 14 days after onset. Li et al. reported that the positive predictive value increased from approximately 50% with qPCR alone to more than 98% when combined with qPCR and IgM ELISA. A study by Anu et al. in Finland showed that IgM and IgG are produced in COVID-19 patients within 2 weeks of onset of symptoms.
Although researches on the immune responses to COVID -19 have just begun, it is expected that important findings will be found in the future to promote understanding and treatment of this infectious disease.
We, Cellspect Co., Ltd, will continue to introduce the latest information of COVID-19 on this page.


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